Nature gives, so let’s give back — recycled fashion at H&M

Nature is a huge inspiration for designers. Floral and other natural patterns can be seen on runways everywhere and on fashionistas daily. Mixed with other patterns or used as a stand-out piece, natural will never go out of style.

While I stock up for the warmer spring and summer months, I have noticed that I am gravitating towards pieces that display more patterns over simple solid colors that I usually pick up (black, white and gray to be specific).

As Earth Day has just recently passed, I want to highlight one company that tries to minimize its impact on the planet — H&M. This retail company held its Recycle Week on April 18-24.

“The planet’s resources are limited. If we want to continue enjoying fashion, we have to find a way to make better use of the resources. H&M works for a sustainable fashion future which, among many things, means that we want to create a closed loop for fashion where old clothes can be turned into new ones without using additional materials,” said Anna Gedda, head of sustainability at H&M.

This Swedish multinational retail-clothing company, also known as Hennes & Mauritz, is the first to launch a global garment collection initiative. Shoppers can bring unwanted clothing to the store — no matter the brand or how used the articles are — and drop them off for a discount on their next purchase. The materials will then either be: recycled to second-hand stores to be reworn, turned into other products such as cleaning cloths, or turned into textile fibers for other purposes.

In this way, consumers can actively participate in the company’s initiative for a cleaner fashion loop, and feel that they are making a difference for the planet.

With that in mind, I would like to showcase a couple of pieces that I purchased with my discount after bringing in old clothes to be recycled. I will be wearing these new dresses during the upcoming months that were inspired by nature and made by a company that acts upon saving it.

My first outfit resembles the intricate pieces of bark that can be seen on a tree. The fabric is light and flowy and moves easily with the breeze. I paired it with a structured straw hat and two gold accessories — a watch and belt. I chose to be barefoot with this outfit because I enjoy engaging my environment through the sensation of the grass and ivy between my toes. Mixed with the slight breeze, it was the perfect atmosphere for this dress that brought me back outdoors.

My second outfit is a brightly colored crochet dress that I’ve layered over a black one-piece bodysuit, and plan to also wear over a swimsuit at the shore later in the year. Paired with over-the-knee gladiator sandals, the mix of high and low pieces really come together to create a continual look from head to toe. I really love the look of the bold colors against the black bodysuit and the brown sandals. (A black and brown combo is one of my favorites!)

Personally, I feel the best way to give back to the earth is to enjoy it as much as I can without destroying it. I appreciate the pretty things through my wardrobe and limit my waste through re-use and recycling.

However you choose to do it, please do your part in saving the planet! It’s the only place we’ve got.

(All pieces were purchased at H&M, American Eagle Outfitters and DSW.)



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