Farewell, for now…

Dear followers,

As the spring semester comes to a close, so will my blog posts… at least for now.

I hope to return to blogging as soon as I have enjoyed a little bit of my summer. I will be graduating from Rowan University this May with a BA that includes a major in English literature and a minor in journalism, and will be using all of my free time ferociously applying for jobs.

Before I go, I would like to look back on the last 14 weeks and what I’ve learned through the upkeeping of this blog. Not only have I stepped out of my comfort zone and truly embraced my inner journalist, but I’ve also successfully completed pre-set goals and even surpassed my own expectations. I’ve learned that the setbacks are minor and what happens as a result is usually better than the original plan.

I’ve also learned that feedback is key and the opinion of others is what can help me be even better. Fashion is life, and blogging has become a way for me to express that. I hope to come back to this blog even stronger and with even more personalization.

Until then, check out these top 5 of my favorite posts for any last minute inspiration:

Until then, stay fashionable!

Sincerely, Rach.


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