Video: “A (Wo)Man’s Best Accessory”

My blog, up until this point, has tried to pound the importance of accessories into the brains of my readers. And so, I introduce another way to totally customize a wardrobe with the help of a furry friend!

My pup, Pearl, loves to dress up. It may seem a little funny to dress up a dog, but when you’ve got a little pooch who easily gets chilly — like this one here — dressing up is absolutely crucial for warmth and comfortability. And as you’ll see, she functions perfectly well in layers.

In the video, I show how Pearl and I prepare for the wetter and still slightly chilly, but also sunny days of spring. I do my best to try to steer clear of completely clashing with her, but she doesn’t ever seem to mind.

Both of Pearl’s outfits (dress, raincoat & hair bows) can be found at PetSmart. She wears a medium.

Cover Photo


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