Spring Cleaning: April showers bring new sandals

Photo: Courtesy of Pexels.com
Photo: Courtesy of Pexels.com

Spring cleaning is a real thing in my world. And I love it!

I break out my cleaning supplies and dust surfaces that have been neglected all winter such as walls and ceiling fans and then I begin the massive task of decluttering my closets. I make a pile of garments I haven’t worn in the past year — or three! — and set them aside for various donation outlets.

One of my favorite ways to get rid of old but clean and reusable clothing is through the Vietnam Veterans of America, who pick up unwanted clothes, kitchenware and small furniture right from my doorstep.

Another favorite of mine is Plato’s closet — that both buys and sells clothing — who usually gives me a couple of bucks for name brand items if I haven’t hoarded them for too long, eradicating any value they would have had in season.

Either way, this cleanup session at the start of the season is the perfect opportunity to clear space for new styles that I will soon be stocking up on.

Right now, I’ve got my eye out on the festival sandal trend for the summer season that is embellished with colorful tassels, beads and pom-poms. Some great examples are these from Sam Edelman, Loeffler Randall and Sophia Webster. They are super fun and would bring so much pizzazz and spunk to my mainly black and white wardrobe.

With music festival season starting and Coachella just finishing its first of two weekends (check out how celebrities are doing festival style at Coachella from this post by Refinery29), it’s pretty safe to say that summer is coming up quick. It’s time to pack up or get rid of anything that didn’t make it through the winter and stock up on lighter fabrics and colors for the upcoming warmer months. I sure am ready.


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