Profile: Keiko Bisa Elan El, fashion blogger, and her inspirational “Keikoism”

Keiko Bisa Elan El, 22, from Woodbury, NJ, is the proud owner of the unique and thriving fashion blog, Keikoism. Stemming from an idea she had during her senior year in high school, her blog blossomed into actuality almost 4 years later in March 2015.

She started the blog as an outlet in which to express herself and ease her mind from the crippling effects of social anxiety and depression, an issue she has conveyed throughout her posts in hopes of guiding others on their own paths to personal success.

“This blog was a way for me to step out of my comfort zone, meet new people, and discuss what inspires me to hopefully motivate others to do the same,” writes El.

The most difficult part she finds with maintaining her blog is actually finding the time to keep up with it. But now that she is a college graduate — yes, girl! — she hopes it will become easier to be more consistent with her work, writing: “There’s nothing worse than wanting to be creative but having no time to do it.”

El believes that blogging creates more opportunities for the millennial generation and that it will be the defining factor in keeping publications afloat through means of an online presence. Following this, she advises new beat bloggers to make sure their mission is relatable and cohesive, to set deadlines that force consistency, and — most importantly — to have fun with it.

El expresses positivity when it comes to defining the most exciting aspect of her blog, relishing in personal accomplishment:

“Taking pride in being self-sufficient and being able to talk about WHAT EVER I want. That’s what I’m all about. I want to work for myself and create something that I can directly relate to.”

The part El speaks of directly relating to is the subject and theme of the blog posts themselves (The Denim Hustle, The Wolf, and Sunday Morning Grind to name a few). She begins with her insights and inspiration for the idea and expands into the many outfit possibilities that can come from it.

Her unique approach to the fashion blog is apparent in the way she displays the outfits she’s created — thanks to some pretty amazing photography. Each individual ensemble is displayed through a multitude of photos, where readers can really delve into the nitty-gritty of all its pieces. Close-ups urge the reader to follow her thought process from accessory to accessory, which allows them to experience the journey towards a perfectly assembled reflection of her personality.

As she expands on the outfit as a whole, it’s easy to see she finds it important to really show dressing as a way of expression. There is an essence of a story that resonates through each collection and her posts are easily applicable to any reader trying to refine and define his or her own style.

All photos courtesy of Keikoism.


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