My boyfriend hates my “boyfriend” jeans

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I don’t usually wear jeans, as I feel pretty uninspired outfit-wise. I’d prefer to wear something strange, wacky or trendy that creates excitement for me as I plan what to wear.

However, my position as a stylist at American Eagle Outfitters has opened my eyes to the versatility of a good pair of jeans, and now I own at least 15 pairs! This being said, my jean collection up to this point has consisted of only two styles: skinny and jegging.

With the growing popularity of loose fitting jeans such as “favorite boyfriend” and “tomgirl” and my craving for something new, I decided to incorporate the uncharacteristic style into my wardrobe!

As I do with many of my new purchases, I tried on the “tomgirl” for my boyfriend, Brian, who replied: “They’re loose.”

He couldn’t understand why I would wear jeans that he considered “ill-fitting.” But this did not discourage me, and I found that I LOVED them!

Brian actually complemented my outfit the other night while I was sachaying around in my new fav jeans. I was surprised and felt accomplished that I had succeeded in changing his mind, but I always knew he’d come around. (He always does!)

Rachel: 1

The “tomgirl” jeans are comfortable and provide a different silhouette than I’ve ever worn. I found I could style them with booties, flats, and heels, and that’s only the beginning—I can’t wait to see what ideas the upcoming warmer months will provide!



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